THE ON LINE CONTEMPORARY                   
                         ART GALLERY
                           Joseph Robert Reda

             " Art  washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. "

                                                                Pablo  Picasso                                                                            

Life beats us down and crushes the Soul and  Art  reminds you that  you           
have one.  "
                                                                   Stella  Adler

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The works of Art in this gallery are unique in the              
                 diversity of subject matter.  

           The  approach  taken for this site                               
        provides  Stimulating and Provocative
All the works of Art on this Site have been Copyrighted  
                                            and are  protected  under
                         United States Copyright Laws

Note:  As a general accepted norm. Very few Sculptors attempt to complete an
accepted likeness in Portrait Busts from Photos. My college Professors  could not
believe I was doing Portrait Busts from Photos.  I just could not afford to pay a
model.   Most of the portrait Busts are done  using up to  20 various photos of
angles of the head that were found  in research.  Then measuring photo angles to
come up with an accepted DEPTH of cut.  A lot of work !!!                       Joe  Reda    
check out:   Lincoln  and  ML King,  lots of photos and hours!!!